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Bae, Ki Yeol (裵 璣 烈) was born in Chungbuk on August 4, 1968  Korea

Ph.d  The graduate school of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film Chung-Ang University, Seoul Korea ( Multimedia Art & Technology)   2016
M.F.A School of Visual Arts, The Korean National University of Arts , Seoul, Korea (major: Hologram, Media Arts) 2006
B.F.A Graduated from Department of Oriental Painting, Collage of Fine Arts, Seoul National University , Seoul, Korea(a double major: Educational Technology) 1996


Truel Central in Busan Public Art Works, Busan, Korea

Yeonchang Street Public Art Works Design, Yangyang, Korea
Sejong Digital Center-New Media Art Works, Sejong, Korea
Global Art Fair in singapore, Marina Bay Sands Expo center, Singapore

The LIV – Multipurpose building  Public  Art WorkS, Asan, Korea
Public Art Works ‘Magok botanic tower’ project , Seoul, Korea

Yeoju Rampas Hill & Art Museum Project, Yeoju, Korea(2017~)
PLAS 2017 Art Fair Coex, Seoul, Korea

The Exhibition of “Hao Gongja” in the Korean-Chinese Art Exchange Hall, Suwon, Korea
PLAS 2016 Art Fair  Coex, Seoul, Korea

Construction and Design of Trabaum Creative Art Center, Kwangju, Korea (2013~)

50th Anniversary of the Miners’ Day in Germany ,Plan/General Manager, “Get Your Miracle and Save Your Country”, Seoul, Korea
Design of Metasequeregil Guideline for Damyang County, Damyang, Korea

Art director of “Gangcheonbo Cultural Center and Water Culture Center”, Korea

Yeosu Expo “Korea Pavillion ” Director, Yeosu, Korea
General Manager of the Exhibition of “Kunsan Modern Cultural History Valuation Project” Kuusan, Korea
Proposals for the construction of a floating service at the Yeosu Expo, Korea
A Proposal of “Chungsim World Center” for Unification, Chungpyeong, Korea
A Proposal for Remodeling of Yongsan Electronic Land, Yongsan, Korea
Architecture and Design of Han River Watery Temple, Korea
 Bangmok of Myongji University’s  Research Information Center Design and Construction, Korea

Public Arts for the Construction of Symbolic Fabrication in New Town, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea
A Proposal for Environmental Improvement Project of Bloody Road in Seoul, Korea
Ministry of Justice 2009 Standard Design Proposal for the Improvement of Childhood School Environment_KIDP Project
A Design Proposal for Busan Central Road Improvement Project_KIDP Project, Busan, Korea
Development of Zarajasum Public Design Project for Ekopia, Gapyeong, Korea
A Study on the Environmental Improvement Project of Gyewon National University in Uiwang City, Korea
Yeongdeungpo District, Development of Retaining Wall Design and School Zone Public Design
_KIDP Excellent Project Selection
Sindorim Decube City – Dorimcheon Landscape, Environmental-Specific Design Plan

Implementation of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and interior design, Seoul, Korea
Design Plan of Naming Plant at Okpo Shipyard, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Okpo,Korea
Ilsan GS-XI  Siksa- Zone Site Planning and Suburbs, Neighborhood, Landscape, Main Entrance, and Color Design,Ilsan,Korea
Facade Design of Multipurpose Buildings in front of Bupyeong Station, Korea
Planning and Design of Buram High School Remodeling (2006-2009)
Design and Construction of the Interior and Public Fabric of Gyeonggi Digital Content Agency, Korea
Specialized Design of Verace in Ido 2 District, Jeju, Korea
Design and Design of Yongin Unnam District Complex of LIG-Gunyoung Construction, Korea 
Construction of ZAMAN POSCO Exterior Design of Mixed-Use Residential Building , Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Korea Housing Corporation – A Study on the Environmental Design and Color Design of Rental Housing, Korea
ChungKu ZIVEN Kiheung District & Environmental Design, Korea
A Study on the Exterior Design of Hugh-plus Multipurpose Building, Hanshin–Inwangsan District, Korea

A Schematic Design for Bairieber Golf Resort, Namhae, Korea
Hanil MEC – Interior Design & Construction of New Building, Korea
A Design Proposal for CITY GALLERY PROJECT_Doksugung and Oksu Station, Seoul ,Korea
Seoul Namsan Tower Hotel Remodeling Execution, Korea
Spa & Resort of  Seoul Banyantree Design, Korea

Cambridge, Embio, Galaxy and Logadis stores  Iterior Design, Korea
Hyunjin Everville and Hanwha Dongtan  Public arts Design, Korea
EGGYELLOW Sky Park and Street Lamps Design, Seoul, Korea 
Sinage Design of Donguibogam Tower, Seoul, Korea
Postil ALPENSIA Primary Design, Seoul, Korea

Fabrication and installation of the Haim Saok_Wolksvaagen sculpture, Seoul, Korea

Daelim Kyung-dong APT Interior Design, Corporation, Seoul, Korea
GO PC Game Room Interior Design, Corporation, Korea

Design of Uje-gil Museum of Art Park, Jeonnam, Korea
Slim & Fit Villa Design Plan, Korea
Design of Gwangju city hall  Public Arts Design Project, Kwangju, Korea

Street Culture Festival “You Are an Artist (6,7,8,9)” Event Plan, Seoul, Korea
Insa Art Plaza Interior Design and Construction, Korea

Produce video shows for the 5th anniversary of NGO_Green Consumer Network, Korea
Suwon Migliore Interior Design,Suwon,Korea

Daewoo Motor’s labor union logo and flag manufacturing, Bupyeong, Korea
Shinchon Lee Byung-woo Sul Rung-tang Mural Production

Daewoo Motor Company’s Bupyeong Plant Interior, Korea

Creative Restaurant Interior Design, Kwangmyeong, Korea


A Solo Exhibition
2011 The 6th Solo Exhibition, ‘Allegory Landscape’ (Hanbit Media Gallery, Seoul)
2010 The 5th Solo Exhibition ‘Allegory Landscape’ (Slow Garden, Gyeonggi)
2009 The 4th Solo Exhibition ‘Allegory Landscape, Seoul (Shinsang Gallery, Seoul)
2006 The 3rd Solo Exhibition ‘Open Source For’ (175 Gallery, Seoul)
2003 The 2nd Solo Exhibition ‘Landsickness’ (KNUA Gallery, Seoul)
2001 The 1st Solo Exhibition ‘ History of Color: Shinrim 7-dong & Bongcheon 3-dong’ (Insa Arts Center, Seoul)

Group Exhibition

2020 “11th Anpyeong Angyeon Art & Spirit Exhibition” (Hanbyeokwon Museum of Art, Dool Gallery, Seoul)
            “Cheer up, Korea-Be united as an art” (Korean Museum of Art, Seoul)
2019 “10th Anpyeong Angyeon Art & Spirit Exhibition” (Hanbyeokwon Museum of Art, Dool Gallery, Seoul)
2018 Insadong Art Fair (ARA Art Center, Seoul)
2017 PLAS 2017 Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)
2016 PLAS 2016 Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)
2015  Seoul National University Celebrates 120 Years” (Seoul National University Changdong Center, Seoul)
2014 “Korean Color Painting” (KEPCO Art Center, Seoul)
2013 “Korea-Malaysian Media,” before (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)
“China – Korea Art and Design Exchange” (Harvin, China)

2010 Korea-China Art Exchange Exhibition (Beijing, Seoul)
“Clean Art Award” Jun (Cheonghwa Gallery, Seoul)
“Korean Color Paintings” before (Inha University Hospital Gallery, Incheon)
“Seoul Art Fair” (COEX, Seoul)

2009 “Korean Colorful Change” (Incheon General Art Center, Incheon)

2008 “Congratulations of Spring” Exhibition (Hallelujah Church, Bundang)
Seoul National University Development Fund Exhibition (MOA, Seoul)

2007 Korean National University of Arts’ Opening Ceremony ‘BEYOND-END’ (K.N.U.A, Seoul)
“Dash-market” exhibition (Daewoo Motors reunion point, Noewon branch, Seoul)
10th anniversary exhibition at the Korea National University of Arts (K.N.U.A., Seoul)

2006 “2006 Street Art Festival” (Hongik University, Seoul)

2005 Athlie-Open Studio (Korea National University of Arts, Seoul)
Exhibition of Vocallise (175 Gallery, Seoul)

2004 Plastic House Project-Before Winter Fall (AA Gallery, Competition)
Singapore Art Festival (Singapore)

2003   Exhibition of Charity (Ssamzispace, Seoul)

2002  Association for Korean Paintings Exhibition (King Sejong Art Center , Seoul)
The 12th exhibition of ‘Gatmosori’ (Jongro Gallery, Seoul)
Youth Artist’s Exhibition (Insaint Art Plaza, Seoul)

2001 Incheon Post-Exhibition of ‘Hapchang’ (Incheon General Art Center, Incheon)
Sea Art Festival (Haeundae, Busan)
You are also an artist of 13, 14, and 15 times (Insadong, Seoul)

2000 The 3rd Shinsegae Arts Festival in 2000 (Gwangju, Incheon)
Media City Seoul (Phoenix Park, Seoul)
Dystopia & Utopia exhibition (Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon)
Incheon Post-‘Internal hitter’ exhibition (Incheon General Art Center, Incheon)
‘Analog’ exhibition (Artificial Intelligence, Seoul)
Exhibition of ‘Sliced Play Park’ (Sunggok Art Museum, Seoul)
Chinese Art Center-Art Director (U.K., Manchester)

1999 Dam Exhibition (KEPCO Plaza Gallery, Seoul)
Incheon Post – ‘Dialogue’ Exhibition (Incheon General Art Center, Incheon)
The 9th exhibition of ‘Gatmosori’ (Hwangjeon Gallery, Seoul)
Independent Arts Festival – ‘Homyeonghoje’ Exhibition (Art Hall, Seoul)
The 2nd Exhibition of Land (Nagallery, Seoul)
Fresco-the ‘Beauty of the Millennium’ exhibition

1998 First Exhibition of ‘Side View’ (Hwangjeon Gallery, Seoul)
The 8th exhibition of Gatmosori (Gyeongin Museum of Art, Seoul)
The 1st Exhibition of Land (Nagallery, Seoul)

1997 MBC Art Exhibition (Art Hall, Seoul)
Korean Art Exhibition(National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwacheon)

1996 6th exhibition of ‘Gatmosori’ (Eland Group Museum, Seoul)
Exhibition of ‘Scheduling Tour’ (Seogyeong Gallery, Seoul)
Jungang Biennale (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

1995 5th exhibition of ‘Gatmosori’ (Jangno Galleries, Seoul)

1994 ‘Gwanak Landscape’ Exhibition (Seoul National University Culture Center, Seoul)

Director  of the Art Center in TCAC(Trabaum Creative Art Center) 
Professor of Industrial Design at Hanyang Women’s University
Deputy Director of the Korea Fusion Technology Agency
Vice President ArtSix
Chairman of the Milal Welfare Foundation
Vice Chairman of the Korea Docent  Association
A permanent member of the Prince Anpyeong Artist An-Gyeon Foundation
Auditorium of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education,

The State Room Art Director
Seoul Hanbit Media Park, Director of Gallery
Director of  GL Associates Design Research Institute
Director of JSB Research Institute for Urban Environment
DSME, DSON Design/Planning Headquarter’s Director
Banyantree Spa & Resorts Director
Heerim Architect & Engneering ‘s Designer

‘ Specially Selected for the Jung-Ang Biennale
‘ Selected for the MBC Art Exhibition
’ Selected for Korean National Arts Exhibition
‘ Selected for The 3rd Shinsegae Arts Festival
‘ Selected as the first prize for the novel in “Moonhak Literary Awards”
‘ Selected as a New Artist by the Korean Culture and Arts Council
‘ Selection of outstanding Artist from the Seoul Cultural Foundation
‘ Korea-Japan Art Reviewers’ Association Award
‘ World Peace Education Association (IAEW,NGO-UN) Gold Prize

Possession of works
Dearyoung  Network
Daewoo Motors
Green Consumer Network
Hee Rim  Architect & Engineering
Korean Organ Donor Program
Korea National University of Arts
Gyeonggi Digital Content Agency
Benz Motors
T-One Systems
Eco-hai Co. ltd
NEXT Visual Studio
Faber-Castel Korea
Nauruon F&C

Specialization of residential environment, Green Culture Band
New cultural resources of the city, color
A city that is the home of life
21C Residential Environment and Environmental Specialization
Apposition Interior Trend
Feel the spring in one’s house Interior Landscape Design
Find the K-Global Artist(Chosun woman magazine)

Korea Exhibition and Design Association, Korea Digital Content Association, Urban solidarity
Korea Foundation Formation Association, The Korea-U.S.A. Policy Committee, Korea Institute of Public Design,
Vice Chairman of Architectural Technology Forum of Korea, The Korea Maritime Environmental Management Corporation, A judge of the Gyeonggi Content Agency, The judges of Seongnam Cultural Foundation,
Judges for the Republic of Korea Air Force, The judges of the Ministry of Education, A member of the Korea Institute of Public Administration

Publish Book
Creative economy, is it really hard? (W-Media, 2013)
Living and loving, writing, 1,2,3,4(Neulform House, 2014~2017)